Summary of the storyline of The Golden Generation

The groundbreaking novel by Stephen Morris and Ralf Little

The Golden Generation Synopsis

It is the sweltering London Summer of 2006 and the country is full of promise and hope.

City traders and brothers, Stefan and Lothar, live a lifestyle of effortless affluence. Seen at all the A list parties and feted at the Capital's most exclusive restaurants. They are handsome, young, rich and successful. But they harbour dark secrets and a sinister second life.

Jack O'Neill, recently split from his long-term girlfriend, moves back to London to begin the next stage of his life, but finds that the world stopped moving the moment that he hopped off. And success in the Big City is going to be a whole lot harder to achieve than he ever imagined.

That is, until he meets the two brothers who are willing to show him the world; show him everything that money, and the trappings that it brings has to offer. But at what price?

The Golden Generation, a novel by Ralf Little and Stephen Morris, captures the life of twenty-five year old Jack O'Neill in the making. A young man with desires for greatness confronting the Capital City head on and desperate to have it all.

PLEASE NOTE : This novel contains graphic language and scenes of a sexual nature
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