Biographies of the authors of The Golden Generation

The groundbreaking novel by Stephen Morris and Ralf Little

Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris was born in Liverpool in 1981.

When not penning novels or playing football on the marshes of South-West London, Stephen works as a commercial lawyer in the City of London.

The Golden Generation is Stephen's second novel.

Ralf Little

Ralf Little was born in Bury, near Manchester in 1980.

He has starred in numerous television shows and plays, including The Royle Family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Ralf is a semi-professional footballer.

Stephen and Ralf are currently writing the screenplay for The Golden Generation.

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Stephen Morris

  • All of my friends and family - without which this would not have been possible. But particularly, my dream team - Mum, Dad and Catherine - without you there is not a chance this would have happened. Thank you.
  • Kevin Sampson - for hours of enjoyment of your fantastic novels, but also the kind words of support and encouragement that drove me to continue writing.
  • Graham Johnson - a great bloke and a fantastic sounding board. Also, a great author of (amongst others) the award winning Powder Wars and Footballers And Gangsters.
  • Andrew Thompson - for life lessons.
  • Scott Pack of My Big Mouth thanks for all of your kind words and advice.
  • Devonshires Solicitors.

Ralf Little

  • All of my friends and family - for everything.
  • Pete Gibbons - for the rest.

Stephen and Ralf

  • Ciro Castaldo of Castaldo 1.
  • Maximo Park and Warp Records.
  • Paul (Joe) Cocker - for sterling work behind the lens.
  • OMD
  • Emma Murray of Editing and Beyond.
  • Lorelei Mathias author of Step On It Cupid for advice on the marketing side.
  • Dennis and the team at PoGDesign.
PLEASE NOTE : This novel contains graphic language and scenes of a sexual nature
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